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Discografia Completa Angelic Upstarts



Angelic Upstarts son una banda de punk Inglés formada en South Shields, en 1977. Juntaron el punk y el Oi! con una filosofía antifascista y de exaltación de la clase obrera, siendo asociados con lo subcultura skinhead. Mas de dos décadas después de publicar su primer single, "The Murder of Liddle Towers", éste fue includio en la lista de los mejores singles punk de todos los tiempos de la revista Mojo.

La formación original fue Thomas Mensforth (Mensi) en la voz, Ray Cowie (MOND) en guitarra, Steve Forsten en el bajo, y Derek "Decca" Wade en la Batería. La banda se ha disuelto y reagrupada un par de veces, y miembros de la banda Ronnie bajista de Wood, Glyn Warren, Tony votos ahora en Long Tall Shorty, Ronnie Rocker y Max Splodge (quien también tuvo una temporada a tocar la batería). Otros Bateristas que han incluido, Sticks (que más tarde se unió a Cockney Rejects), Paul Thompson (ex-Roxy Music) y Chris White. Wade volvió a la banda durante unos pocos años antes de salir de nuevo. Hayes originalmente se unió a la banda como segundo guitarrista, hasta Mond Left, Hayes, dejando como único guitarrista. Mensi fue el único miembro original aún en la banda.
En agosto de 2006, Mensi anunció su renuncia, sin embargo pidió que la banda continúe con Chris Wright (de la banda Crash) en la voz. Formación de la banda se convirtió en la voz Wright, Dickie Hammond en la guitarra, Neil Newton en la guitarra, Gaz Stoker en el bajo y Wade, en la batería. En la última parte de 2007, Mensi se reincorporó a la banda y el cartel se convirtió en la voz Mensi, Stoker en el bajo, Hammond en la guitarra, Newton en la guitarra y Brett Mulvaney en la batería.

1979- Teenage Warning

01. Teenage Warning
02. Student Power
03. The Young Ones
04. Never Again
05. We Are The People
06. Liddle Towers
07. I'm An Upstart
08. Small Town Small Mind
09. Youth Leader
10. Do Anything
11. Let's Speed
12. Leave Me Alone

1981- 2000000 Voices

01. Two Million Voices
02. Ghost Town
03. You're Nicked
04. England
05. Heath's Lament
06. Guns For the Afghan Rebels
7. I Understand
08. Mensi's Marauders
09. Mr. Politician
10. Kids On the Street
11. Jimmy
12. We're Gonna Take The World
13. Last Night Another Soldier
14. I Wish
15. Sticks Diary
16. The Sun Never Shines
17. Never Comeback
18. The Man Who Came In From the Beano

1983- Angel Dust

01. The Murder of Liddle Towers
02. Police Oppression
03. I'm An Upstart
04. Teenage Warning
05. Never Had Nothin'
06. Shotgun Solution
07. Last Night Another Soldier
08. Two Million Voices
09. Kids On The Street
10. England
11. Heaths Lament
12. I Understand
13. Never Say Die
14. Woman In Disguise
15. Solidarity

1983- Reason Why

01.Woman in Disguise
02.Never Give Up
03.Waiting, Hating
04.Reason Why
05.Nobody Was Saved
06.Geordies Wife
07.Loneliness Of the Long Distance Runner
08.42nd Street
09.The Burglar
11.As the Passion
12.A Young Punk
13.Where We Started
14.lust for glory
15.five flew over the cuckoos nest
16.dollars and pounds
17.don't stop
18.not just a name
19.the leech
20.Leave Me Alone (Live)
21.liddlte towers
22. White Riot

1985- Live in Yugoslavia

01. Never Had Nothing
02. Leave me Alone
03. Teenage Warning
04. Solidarity
05. Last Night Another Soldier
06. Guns for the Afghan Rebels
07. Machine Gun Kelly
08. Police Oppression
09. Kids on the Street
10. Women in Disguise
11. 2,000,000 Voices
12. One More Day
13. Upstart
14. Who Killed Liddle Towers
15. White Riot

1986- Power of the Press

01. I Stand Accused
02. Nottingham Slag
03. Joe Where Are You Now?
04. Soldier
05. Empty Street
06. Brighton Bomb
07. Power of the Press
08. Stab in the Back
09. Here I Come
10. Thin Red Line
11. I'd Kill Her for Sixpence
12. Greenfields of France

1987- Blood On The Terraces

01. Pride Of Our Passion
02. Everyday
03. I Wanna Knighthood
04. Heart Attack In Paris
05. Four Grey Walls
06. I Don't Wanna Fight the Soviet
07. Our Day Will Come
08. Blood On The Terraces
9. Heroin Is Good For You
10. It's Your Life

1994- Still From The Heart

01-Never Say Die
02-Flames Of Brixton
03-Action Man
05-Here Comes Trouble
06-Theme From Lost Souls
07-I Stand Accused
08-Black Nights Of The 80s
09-Cry Wolf
11-We Defy You
12-Different Strokes
13-Different Dub

1995- Bombed Out

01. Red Till Dead
02. Albert's Gotta Gun
03. Victim of Defect
04. Open Your Eyes
05. Still Fighting
06. The Writing on the Wall
07. A Real Rain
08. Let's Build a Bomb
09. Proud and Loud
10. Stone Faced Killer

1995- Independent Punk Singles Collection

01. The Murder of the Liddle Towers
02. Police Oppression
03. Woman in Disguise
04. Lust for Glory
05. 42nd Street
06. Solidarity
07. Five Flew Over the Cukoos’s Nest
08. Dollars and Pounds
09. Don’t Stop
10. Not Just a Name
11. The Leech
12. Leave Me Alone (live)
13. Liddle Towers (live)
14. White Riot (live)
15. Machine Gun Kelly
16. Paint It Red
17. There’s a Drink in It
18. Brighton Bomb
19. Thin Red Line
20. Soldier
21. England (live)
22. We’re gonna Take the World (live)
23. The Young Ones (live)

1999- Who Killed Liddle

CD 1

01. The Murder of Liddle Towers
02. Police Oppression
03. I Stand Accused
04. Empty Street
05. Power of the Press
06. Stab in the Back
07. Everyday
08. I Wanna Knighthood
09. Heart Attack in Paris
10. I Don't Wanna Fight the Soviet
11. I Won't Pay for Liberty
12. Never Return to Hell
13. Blood on the Terraces
14. Victory for Poland
15. Give us a Clue

CD 2

01. Never 'Ad Nothing
02. Leave me Alone
03. Teenage Warning
04. Last Night Another Soldier
05. Guns for the Afghan Rebels
06. Soldier
07. Solidarity
08. Spirit of St. George
09. No Man's Land (Green Fields of France)
10. Brighton Bomb
11. Shotgun Solution
12. Kids In The Streets
13. Two Million Voices
14. I'm an Upstart
15. I Understand

2000- Never Ad Nothing

01- Murder Of Liddle Towers
02 -Police Opression
03- I Wont Pay For Liberty
04- Never Return To Hell
05- I Wanna Knighthood
06- Blood On The Terraces
07- Power Of The Press
08- Brighton Bomb
09- Solidarity
10- Teenage Warning (Live)
11- Last Night Another Soldier (Live)
12- Guns For The Afghan Rebels (Live)
13- Kids On The Street (Live)
14- Two Million Voices (Live)
15- I'm An Upstart (Live)
16- Never Ad Nothing

2002- Sons of Spartacus

01. Safe Haven
02. Lonely Man of Spandau II
03. Supergrass
04. Chuck Taylor (Ace of Hearts)
05. Caught in the Crossfire
06. Action Man
07. Don't Get Old (In Tony's Britain)
08. South Shields Born 'N' Bred
09. Tally Ho Ginger
10. Maxwell Dynasty
11. Stop the City
12. The Great Divide
13. Bandiera Rossa
14. Stand Up
15. Anti-Nazi

2011- The Dirty Dozen (Split)

01. Angelic  Upstarts - Red Flag
02. Angelic  Upstarts - Red . Killing Machine
03. Angelic  Upstarts - Red . King of the Rats
04. Angelic  Upstarts - Red . Take Me to Cuba
05. Angelic  Upstarts - Red . Nazi B.N.P.
06. Angelic  Upstarts - Red . Not Like it Said in the Song Frank
07. Crashed Out - Alternative Generation
08. Crashed Out -  Get a Life
09. Crashed Out -  The Battle of Orgreave
10. Crashed Out -  Just Another Gig
11. Crashed Out -  The Tattooed Lady
12. Crashed Out -  Kicking Up a Storm



Two Million Voices

Last Night Another Soldier

Machine Gun Kelly

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