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Discografia The Business


ORIGEN: UK (Reino Unido)
GENERO: Oi!, Punk, Hardcore

The Business es un grupo británico de música Oi! formado al final de los '70. Salieron de las calles de South London en octubre de 1979, liderando una nueva ola del punk británico, que más que una nueva ola suponía una redefinición de este. Esta segunda oleada de grupos de punk realizada lo que los grupos de la primera predicaban, era un punk surgido de la calle. The Business, junto con otros grupos como Angelic Upstarts, Blitz y 4-Skins se dedica a hacer un punk más duro y más vivo que sus antecesores. Fue entonces cuando ese tipo de música paso a llamarse Oi! o Street-punk.

1993- Suburban Rebels

01- Get Out While You Can
02- Blind Justice
03- ¿Work or Riot?
04- The Employers Blacklist
05- Nobody Listened
06- Suburban Rebels
07- Mortgage Mentality
08- Guttersnipe
09- Real Enemy
10- Another Rebel Dead
11- Sabotage the Hunt
12- Harry May
13- Drinking and Driving
14- Smash the Discos
15- Disco Girls
16- Dayo
17- Loud Proud 'N' Punk
1994- Keep The Faith

01- Maradona
02- Keep The Faith
03- Holiday In Seattle
04- Viva Bobby Moore
05- Divide & Rule
06- Backstreet Billy
07- Can't Take Much More
08- (You're) Going Down In History
09- Breaking The Law
10- All Out
11- Future
12- Should've Known Better
13- Paranoia


1996- Saturdays Heroes

01- Spanish Jails
02- All Out Tonight (Remix)
03- Never Been Taken
04- Shout It Out
05- Harder Life
06- Frontline
07- Interlude
08- Foreign Girl
09- Nothing Can Stop Us
10- Freedom
11- Saturdays Heroes
12- Drinking And Driving (New Version)
13- Hurry Up Harry
14- Give The Kids A Treat (Interlude)
15- Get Out Of My House
16- All Out Tonight (Original)
17- OutLaw
18- Coventry (Oi! LP Version)


1996- The Complete Singles Collection

01- Harry May
02- National Insurance Blacklist
03- Step into Christmas
04- Dayo
05- Disco Girls
06- Smash the Discos
07- Loud Proud and Punk
08- H-Bomb
09- Last train to Clapham Junction
10- Law and Order
11- Do They Owe Us a Living
12- Tell us the Truth
13- Get Out of My House
14- All Out Tonight
15- Foreign Girl
16- Outlaw
17- Drinking and Driving
18- Hurry Up Harry
19- H-Bomb [Live]
20- Do a Runner
21- Coventry [New Version]
22- Welcome to the Real World
23- No Emotions [New Version]
24- Anywhere But Here
25- All Out
26- (You're) Going Down in History

1996- Welcome To The Real World

01- Mouth an' Trousers
02- Do a Runner
03- Ten Years
04- We'll Take 'Em On
05- Fear in Your Heart
06- Welcome to the Real World
07- Never Say Never
08- Hand Ball
09- Living in Daydreams
10- Look at Him Now
11- We Gotta Go
12- Never Say Never (Reprise)
13- Coventry
14- No Emotions
15- Tina Turner
16- Welcome to the Real World (12 inch Version)


1997- The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

01- Spirit Of The Streets
02- Blood Ties
03- The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth
04- One Common Voice
05- What's The Story
06- Justice Not Politics
07- One Thing Left To Say
08- Death Ii Dance
09- No Time 4 U
10- Se 12
11- Crime Of The Century
12- Informer
13- Southgate (euro 96)
14- Hardcore Hooligan
2001- No Mercy For You

01- Takers And Users
02- Guiness Boys
03- Steal This Record
04- Code Red
05- Hate K.D.
06- Belmarsh
07- Boys Are Out Tonight
08- Class Compromise (...History's Glory)
09- No Mercy For You
10- Gangland
11- Oi The Poet
12- Ghetto Youth
13- Always
14- Anarchy In The Streets
15- U Won't Change Me
16- Hell 2 Pay
2003- Hardcore Hooligan

01- Hardcore Hooligan
02- Southgate (euro 96)
03- Terrace lost his soul
04- Saturday`s Heroes
05- Viva Bobby More
06- Maradona
07- Englad-5, Germany-1
08- Guiness Boys
09- HandBall
10- 3 Lions
11- Boys Are Out Tonight
12- No One Likes Us
13- Don't Cry For Us Argentina


2003- Under The Influence

01- Pride
02- Crucified
03- Anarchy In The UK
04- Do They Owe Us A Living
05- Do Anything You Wanna Do
06- Hurry up Harry
07- Basket Case
08- Get Out Of My House
09- Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner
10- London Calling
11- Tell Us The Truth
12- When I Come Around
13- Do They Owe Us a Living (live)
14- Pretty Vacant (live)
2010- Doing The Business

01- Mean Girl
02- Don't Give A Fuck
03- Till The End
04- 123
05- Loud Proud 'n Punk
06- Blind Justice
07- Suburban Rebels (live)
08- Harry May (live)
09- Smash The Discos (live)
10- One Thing Left To Say (live)


2010- Mean Girl (EP)

 01- Mean Girl.
02- Till The End
 03- 1 2 3
 04- Loud Proud 'N' Punk (Live Marquee London 1982)
 05- Blind Justice (Live Marquee London 1982)
 06- Suburban Rebels (Live Marquee London 1982)
 07- Harry May (Live Marquee London 1982)
 08- Smash The Discos (Live Marquee London 1982)


2014- Back In The Day

01 - Back In The Day
02 - Cuts Like A Shard (An Ode To The Banks)
03 - Here's Johnny


The Employers Blacklist


Suburban Rebels

Smash the Discos


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